My Darling Mur

by | Sep 30, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

3rd May 1973, Boar’s Head
The day when we first met
Do you remember Mur?
I know I’ll never forget

You were sweet sixteen
And I was twenty two
Who’d have guessed that on that night?
That I’d just fallen for you

Something inside me sparked that night
When I looked into your eyes
I knew I’d just met the girl of my dreams
My Angel in disguise

We were in-separable
Soul mates made for life
And on our wedding day
I was proud to make you my wife

You looked so beautiful
My Angel dressed in white
Everything was perfect
Everything felt right

We took our wedding vows
Together we joined as one
Mr and Mrs Peter Hardman
Our lives had just begun

It’s been over thirty years now Mur
I’ve since left this earthly plain
But the spark inside it still burns strong
For my love for you remains

We promised when we made our vows
That we would never part
Even though death separates us now
We’re still together in our hearts

I feel the kisses you blow to me
Each night before you go to bed
And yes Mur when you talk to me
I hear every word you’ve said

Even though I’m resting peacefully
On our star so high above
Know that I’m always beside you Mur
Supporting you with love

We’ll be reunited one day Mur
On this star that’s made for two
When God and the Angels call your name
I’ll be waiting here for you

Good Night God Bless Mur

I love you, Pete x


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