My Dog ‘’Chief’’

by | Apr 24, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

A very sad day, with loads of grief
I lost my Pal, his name was ‘’ Chief’’
His throat was x rayed while asleep
Not normally stuff to make you weep
The time had come to end his fight
A time to do what I knew was right
Our best efforts failed for that old pup
A tumour hidden. He didn’t wake up
A reluctant act, but do it I must
The proper way to repay his trust
A terrible decision, it could make you cry
Is He up there watching from the sky?
High field road is not what it ought
The Sad thing is its one dog short
For 15 years a faithful friend
Faithful to the very end
Best not to mope or wallow in grief
Just remember the times with my dog


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