My First Poem – TOM

by | Oct 13, 2023 | Poetry | 2 comments


“It’s only a scratch,” Said Tom, yet I’m still
Here, still able to wheel myself round and
See others that I’m told are worse than me
And remember, with crystal clarity,
Rorking carrions above the clearing
Smoke and feel their wings flap-splatting in the
Blood.”Get off!” I yelled “I’m still here, I’m not
Done yet. I have a home, wife and children
And when I get back I have things to do.”
But this vulture fixed me with his evil
Eye, daring me to call another shot.
I wanted to swipe him, but my arm had
Gone; to kick him, but I had no legs; to
Tell him war should never be his banquet,
But I was overcome with tiredness …..
Then smoke swirled round as incense and I saw
In this wilderness a serpent lifted
High like a talisman round a pole and
I saw angels, hundreds of them, thousands,
And I called out, “God I’m not ready yet.”
Then they lifted me from the bed to the
Wheelchair. “It’s only a scratch,” the Sergeant
Said. “Don’t worry. It’s Church Parade now. You
Relax. Let us get on and sort this out.”


  1. William Roe

    Excellent the way you perceive the aftermath of being in a war zone. Also a reminder that the ‘enemy’ has many forms.


      Dear William
      Thank you so much – glad you like it.


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