My friend the dark

by | Jul 24, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

My friend the dark?
Misty droplets of rain settle on my face like a wet mask
Slightly to the side of the grave- like trench I lie
Waiting for her to come, my friend the dark
Concentrating on the misty ground my rifle moves slightly up and down
As my heartbeats slower my breath could compromise me?
I slowly move my toes inside my boots, fear not to make the leather creak
My guardian angel here now to watch over me
My friend the dark
When I was but an infant the dark made me scared
Now she is my ally in this game of death
I feel a twinge in my bladder but ignore it
To die with a full bladder would it matter?
I hear a metallic click please let it be my relief
Or could it be someone else
With his friend the dark?


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