My friend

by | Jun 4, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I think about you every night, my friend
Everything I own right now, I would lend
I think about the time we’d spend, my friend, you and I
I don’t think this feeling will ever end, my friend, until I die
My friend, to you I’m a “cool chick”
I’m like your little sister
But to me you’re something more
Inside me, my friend, you should know, there is a love twister
It spins about, my friend, my love
It’s some thing I don’t speak of
But to you, I’ll poor out my heart
I’ll do anything, my love
Just to know, from your eyes, what you’re really seeing
I know I must remain quiet
I know I always will
But in my heart I will always know…
Your touch and your just being there
Will always give me a thrill


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