My Granddad

by | Sep 11, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

There’s a bright new star in the sky tonight
Where my Granddad has gone to rest
I chose it so I’ll always remember him
My Granddad is just the best

He used to give me wine gums
Told me stories all the time
And when I painted his wooden cribs
He said I’d done just fine

He always got mixed up
When he wore his hearing aid
On in the box and off in his ear
No fuss was ever made

We had lots of happy times
On the Lytham slot machines
I will never forget the fun we had
The best it’s ever been

When I am feeling sad
I can see his star above
Then I’ll know my Granddad is watching me
And sending me his love

I know you can hear me Granddad
Your star is shining bright
I love you and I miss you
Rest in peace, God bless, goodnight.



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