My Home

by | Jan 18, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I’ve lived in Essex for Fifty years now
Oh! how the time seems to fly
Since I moved to the village of Benfleet
To give country living a try
But over the years things have changed so much
From an Urban District to a Borough has grown
When a Bungalow cost a mere 17 hundred pounds
But would now cost 200,000- pounds to own
And with the change village life has gone
The shops in the High Street are now few
For most people travel to the Supermarkets
When their weekly shopping they do
But although I was born in the East End of London
I know that I could never return
To the Cosmopolitan jungle that was my birthplace
No matter how much for my Heritage I yearn
So it’s here in Essex that I raised my Family
And together we’ve witnessed Happiness and tears
And I can say without fear of contradiction
It’s here I ‘ll stay and live out the rest of my years


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