My Journey

by | May 31, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I lay my soul before you my love, this I give for you to keep
I will have no need any more, not now you go on your final sleep
My life was you and always will be, living is now going to be hard
How I will manage I can’t see my love, a love that I can’t discard

I place my heart in your hands my dear, care for it well my love
I will return to reclaim it one day, the day I wait for to join you above
Count every beat you feel my love, I wait for that beat to weaken
Hold my heart close to yours, our hearts together will shine like a beacon

Here I let my spirit stay, it sits by your grave and keeps you in my mind
A journey to heaven you will undertake, take all these parts of mine
When finally my journey on earth is done, a place beside you I will take
Then I will come to you my love, a love to last in heaven we will make


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