My Mum

by | Sep 10, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I think my mum is mad with me
I only caught her on the knee!
The bleeding will stop soon I’m sure
I’ll even clean it off the floor.

My bike you see caused this distress.
The pedal ripped right through her dress!
And now she’s making such a fuss
It’s not as though she was concussed!

My bike has been my pride and joy
To me far more than just a toy,
Which I didn’t want the rain to spoil
So I covered it in kitchen foil!

My mum saw this and called me in
I brought my bike and gave a grin.
But she wanted all the tinfoil back
In exchange for some old rotten sack!

It happened then, this sad event
I know it was an accident
But she made me turn my bike around
After getting up from off the ground!

And now my bike is put away
And lives in the shed by night and day
My mums no longer mad with me
As I bought her flowers to say sorry.


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