My one and only

by | Sep 28, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

You are my one and only,
With you, I never feel lonely.
You lay beside me throughout the night,
Wrapping your arms around me so tight.
When I’m alone, it’s you that I miss,
It’s you I always want to kiss.
Only you that I want so near,
Only you to take away my fear.
Not just my friend, you are my lover,
I’d never leave you, for another.
In my heart, I will always stay true,
I can’t explain my love for you.
I know with you, there’s nothing to hide,
You’re always right by my side.
Nobody else that I adore,
Nobody else that I want more.
When we walk, you hold my hand,
When we talk, you understand.
Our love will be, always and forever,
A lifetime of happiness together.


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