My Rock

by | Aug 12, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

My life never flashed before me,
Childhood,family were absent,

As the explosion subsided,the smoke cleared,
No thoughts of good times,happiness…

My head numb,my body throbbing,
The smell of cordite hanging in the air,

I try to stand and fall….

My mind tries to comprehend what happened in the last few seconds…..

Chaos,screaming,figures moving through the haze,
Again i try to stand,my legs trembling,i run my hands over my limbs…
I am whole,,,,,

In the darkness i feel a hand gripping mine….

The voice i know so well eases the shock….

Sweetheart,its okay its just a dream…

She is my rock,she holds me as i awake…..

This woman of total understanding and compassion is my wife…

She is my rock…


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