My saving Grace

by | Apr 14, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

The knife thrust in my heart
burning hot as it twists
the blade turns to flames
and I start to fade away
As my life quickly weakens
the last thoughts appear in my head
where will I end up?
Will I live again?
These questions fill my head
as I attempt to block the pain
the burning sensation in my chest
the blood pouring down my body
I drop to my knees, hands on the floor
the blood begins to pool
my breathing becomes harder
as I start to feel cold within
But then, I feel this warmth
I see this light surround
I look up from the ground
to see a woman in a shining glow
She looks down at me, with a smile
she holds out her hand, down to me
“take my hand” she says
“come with me for I am your angel”
Floating above me, in angelic radiance
wings lightly flapping, halo above her head
I reach out to her, but I fall back down
she reaches for me, and catch my hand
As we fly high above the world
through the sky and beyond
forgotten the pain I no longer feel
left behind on earth
We arrive at the gates of heaven
but we could not see beyond
she turned to me, took my hand and said
“My name is Andrea, what is yours?”


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