My Sergeant Major

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Here comes the sergeant major
If he sees that beer he’ll take it
He ain’t a one to mess with
As he shouts “you little …

Git he called me last time
You could tell that he was plastered
He said I read your records laddie
So I know that you’re a …

Mastered skills like shooting
He’s done his time and how
But he’s got an awful tongue
As he called his wife a …

Now that we are off to war
He’s given us all some succour
But even now he loses it
And says “you little …

Tucker said he likes him
He says he’s strong and bright
Sarnt major don’t like Tucker
cos he said he’s full of …

Dite deft dite he screams at us
Of that I’m truly sick
He shouts and screams all day at us
I think the mans a …

Mick and I had drinks to serve
to the officers (ex rankers)
To sum up sergeant majors
They’re all a bunch of …

Jankers now he’s given me
As in the mess he frollicks
I hope the war dogs find him
and bite him in the bollocks


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