My Soldier, My Son

by | Apr 12, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

From the moment I held him, my heart he won
A bond was formed between father and son
My first born son, my little lad
A chip off the old block, just like his dad

As I watched him grow through the years as they passed
I’ve treasured each moment, time’s moved so fast
Always bursting with life, full of mischief and fun
All traits passed down from father to son

Wherever I turned, my son would be there
Always helping, wanting to share
What could be better, my own right hand man
Father and son, I know nothing can

He’s grown up now, best mates we’ve become
Sharing grown up humour between father and son
Going off to the pub for a drink with my lad
By far the best nights out we’ve had

These memories I have, they will never grow old
For my son’s now a soldier, strong and bold
He’s fighting a war in a far distant land
I’m left with feelings I can’t understand

Feelings of loss and total despair
All down to the fact that he’s not here
My gut is aching, it’s churning inside
Yet my heart is bursting, stuffed full with pride

I’m restless and stressed, I cannot unwind
Every hour of the day, he’s on my mind
I need reassurance that he is okay
Then I know he is safe for at least one more day

I try to be strong, men shouldn’t shed tears
But it’s so hard not to break when I’m facing these fears
I know I won’t rest until his tour is all done
When he’s home and safe, my soldier, my son


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