My son’s coming over this Christmas

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

My son’s coming over this Christmas.
He’s coming to see his old Dad.
They’re going to stay until Boxing Day,
His wife, two girls and their lad.

They couldn’t quite make it at Easter,
They’re very busy you know,
With the children’s rooms to decorate,
Hedges to prune, and a lawn to mow.

But they’re definitely coming for Christmas,
For turkey, trimmings and all.
And I’ve bought a beautiful Christmas tree,
To stand in the entrance hall.

They meant to come over in early June,
To stay for a long weekend.
But he got called out on an urgent job,
There was a hospital lift to mend.

But they won’t let me down this Christmas,
It’ll just be like old times again.
There’ll be carols and nuts, and Monopoly,
And I’ll buy a hotel, on Park Lane.

They were going to come for my birthday,
And they’re very good as a rule,
So it wasn’t their fault that they cancelled,
There was a problem at Kylie’s new school.

So they’re definitely coming for Christmas.
I can’t wait for them all to arrive.
Oh! I do hope that nothing prevents them,
From making that thirty mile drive.


I just knew that they’d be there for Christmas.
What a wonderful time we all had.
We laughed and we joked, and my son made a toast,
“To all here, but especially, my Dad.”


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