My soul is on fire

by | Apr 22, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

My soul is on fire
I am full of desire
I cannot get any higher
For my soul has been set on fire

As I look through the fire
My pulse it raises higher and higher
You are the one that I desire
Ice could not put out this fire

I want you so much
Why does it hurt?
To want you so much

My desire it stokes the fire
The flames are rising
Ever so much higher and higher

I pull you close
And breathe your scent through my nose
It is as sweet and tender as the sweetest rose
Your petals they fall
I will give you my all

Our bodies entwine
I thank god that you are mine
I will love you for all time
That is a promise of mine

Our love is there to be seen
Someone pinch me is this a dream
For I have found my queen
And thankfully this is no dream


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