My Town

by | Nov 11, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Guns and knives are commonplace upon our streets today
Respect for law and order has completely gone away.
Robbery and violence is reported daily in the news
So many problems all around, like gangs and drugs and booze.

It seems there’s no deterrent now to stop this sad decline
In moral standards and decency in this town of mine,
Worse, I fear it’s not just here; I’m afraid that it’s endemic
For our whole nation I do despair of this growing epidemic.

It used to be in time gone by whilst walking down the street
A pleasant greeting you’d receive from everyone you meet.
No one now has time to spare; they pass with heads bowed low
They’re all wrapped up inside their selves; no one wants to know

There is rubbish, filth and litter just scattered everywhere
It appears that no one gives a damn; no one seems to care
Graffiti scrawled upon the walls, such a dreadful scandal
Some try to claim that it is art; but the artist is a vandal

The police, they do the best they can as they patrol their beat
To catch the rogues and miscreants and take them off the street
But the courts treat them then so leniently, the judges all in fright
That they will find themselves accused of infringing human rights

We must teach our children to respect, to be honest and not lie
For discipline begins at home, the responsibility of you and I
Unless we do it will get worse I’m afraid there’ll be no hope
With our country rapidly sliding straight down that slippery slope

© Peter Maslak


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