My wee Scottish lass

by | Jun 9, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Ahm nae the man I used tae be
A figure so big and strong
As the years have taken their toll it seems
For the years just rush along
Across the hill and thro’ the heather
Was ne’er a problem tae me
In Sunshine Rain and mist as well
For the Lassie I were going tae see
Alas Ah cannae walk that way again
My legs they are too weak
For me tae meet that wee Scottish lass
As that’s the inspiration I seek
Can she nae cross those bonnie Scottish hills
Tae meet in my aen humble home
Where once again the flame of love rekindles
As we sit in ma house alone
And talk of the things of life in the past
And slowly reminisce
Of times in the mountains
Or down by the Lochs
Perhaps remember our very first Kiss
Scenic beauty Oh! so rare
Sunset on the Mull of Kintyre
On a typical wintry Scottish day
And then indoors tae a welcoming fire
Wie shared a dram as the day come tae an end
It’s a toast tae you ma fair Lassie
Ma aen wee Scottish friend.


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