My Wendy

by | Mar 9, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

A sad tired man, with tearful eyes, I sit here on my own
Reminiscing of the times gone by and how the years have flown
Wondering have I done enough? Have I lived a decent life?
Had I been good enough a husband to my dear departed wife?

Does my life have meaning? Have I done all that I should?
I think that I have done my best, at least the best I could
I still have my family by my side to give love and support
But they’re not able to take away the sadness of my thoughts

I no longer can see reason, I’ve no strength to work or play
Just sitting in my chair alone, living from day to day
I remember how it used to be in the dim but not too distant past
Back then it always seemed, that youth would forever last

But nothing lasts forever; all good things must surely end
After over forty years together I’ve lost my wife and friend
Now all I do is sit and wait, for time to ease my pain
And I know in time, with God’s good grace, we’ll be together once again


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