My Wife is My Strength

by | May 13, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I wake up screaming for my mate, his head just disappeared
Screaming at the sound of a shot, this is what I always feared
I dive for what little cover I find, behind the wardrobe door
Then crawl across to the bathroom, staying low on the floor

I try to find the ammo, there is something screaming at me
With all the smoke and cordite, I can barely bloody see
The enemy comes from behind the door; I strike as hard as I can
Thank god I missed completely, this was no bloody man

My wife is crying in terror, I try to move to be at her feet
She jumps away from me, parks herself on the toilet seat
I know what has happened, it has happened so often before
I also know my wife is scared, I don’t know if she can take any more

I stammer out I am sorry, that look on her face is pure fear
She tries to speak failing, cheeks covered by the tracks of her tears
We sit in terrifying silence, so brittle the moment we sit through
I know I love her dearly, I also know she knows it’s true

I am scared I am going to lose her; she walks straight out of the door
She is scared of what I could do, what could happen next I crawl on the floor
Finally the silence is broken; she is always the first one to speak
No more of this I am bearing, go and tell someone of the help you seek

I take the words with caution, I realise we have nowhere to go
I must take the action needed, so I go to see a person who knows
One who has seen the devastation, when a soldier comes home his mind still at war
She tells me of the situation and relates the truth, tells me honestly what I look for

This is no easy road you will journey; the solution will be hard at best
If you are willing to see it through, some of your demons we can put to rest
She was true to her word with me; I now manage much better than before
I now don’t have to worry; my wife is my strength is not walking out the door


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