My Wife

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

What am I without you?
My love, my life, my anchor
You and I, we are one.
You are my succour.

When I fall you catch me
When I need help you are there,
My rock against the tide of life
The one for whom I care

You give me hope to cling to,
when all around is out of control,
When darkness threatens to take me,
You hold me and we are one whole

How can I make up for the hurt?
You mean more to me than words can say,
You give me so much love and life
I should thank you each and every day

You’re the one that’s made it work,
this life we’ve made together
You are a mother, my lover, my wife
You and I, standing firm, for ever.


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