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Down the rope
Helicopter swaying
Out into space
I’m silently praying

With full kit on
Feeling rather heavy
Rather be in the Naafi
Having a bevy

My gloves are burning
Sliding down the rope
Hit the ground
Not to fast I hope

Land with a thud
Breath knocked out
Barrel in the mud
One up the spout

Hit the ground running
Trip over wire
Breath comes fast
Lungs on fire

Snap VCP
Ten cars searched
‘ Exfil ! ‘ ‘ Exfil ! ‘
Air gunner perched

Chopper hovers
Feet off the ground
Scramble on board
No voices, no sound

The roar of the engines
Rotars awash
Smell of the Av-fuel
Bodies a’ squash

Five clicks flying
Lose height again
Another location
Five tired men

Bandit Country
In and out
‘ Fast as you can lads ! ‘
The Corporal does shout

All day long
Sun or rain
Just when you finish
You do it again

Why do we join ?
Why do we do it ?
‘ The Danger ‘, ‘ The Rush ‘
The adrenalin through it

Friends think us mad
To risk all our lives
While they’re sitting like Bees
In one giant hive

They never will fathom
They never will know
‘ Together with comrades ‘
We’ll all ‘ Boldly go ‘


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