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Colour Narcissus deep of the night
White of angels wings soft morning light
Heavenly blue that envelopes earth
Gold is laughter of a sweet childs mirth.

Silver water of cool mountain streams
These are the colours filling my dreams
Not that Ive seen it! But Ive been told
Holy chalice is made in pure gold.

The bright red rose that tickles with dew
Just like an Arab that loves a Jew.
And deep in the earth, caverns so dark
Mountains high, like a walk in the park.

Pathways to heaven, slowly they wend
Over lands of ice, seems not to end
In field of barley where we made love
The bright summer sun shining above.

Cascade of colours filled my thought
And all the lessons we had been taught
To always show trust, honest and true
And here I whisper, that I love you.


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