Natures Cathedral

by | Nov 22, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Early morning praise to the spirits on high
As the sun raises up higher into the sky
Outside the mists hug close to the ground
The hour is golden, there is no one around

I can hear my own breath as I walk along
With the unseen birds singing their song
My footsteps crackle dead leaves on the floor
I have solitude and peace, who could want more?

To take the time, to sit a while and see
That the world is still a good place to be
Beauty surrounds us, that has not altered
It has only been mankind who has faltered

Nature goes on with her giving and growing
With springtime rebirth and autumn sowing
Summers of plenty and winters cold sleeping
Yet too much of our dear planet is weeping

Say a quiet prayer to the god you believe in
That man will learn soon that we commit sin
Sin against nature and future children
I say my private words in this hallowed haven

Through the leaves the shafts of sunlight stream
As the rays of the sunshine gently beam
Into natures cathedral, within these trees
Help us all to take care of our planet, please


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