Nectar of mellow wine

by | May 21, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Sweetest nectar of mellow wine
As tender lips of yours touch mine
Hot juices flow from mountain high
And silver stars caress the sky.

Senses burn hot on bed of coal
Spasms of joy pervade the soul
The Gods of love gaze down in joy
Prince Cupid starts his magic ploy.

Soft shivers of emotions blends
And height of satisfaction sends
That torrent gush of ecstasy
A deep release of pent up sea.

So close now, in each others arms
Beguiling whispers of sweet charms
Clutching fingers, exploring deep
Whispered breath: A secret keep.

With all my heart I give to you
This love of mine, I pledge as true
For there will be, no other love
This I swear before God above.


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