Negligent Discharge

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Up at sparrows fart to view
A motley rabble a ropey crew
We form up by the armoury
To get our gats in line were we

The corporal shouted (that’s not new)
He bellowed loud as if he knew
The sergeant waits with patient thin
He looks so nasty what’s with him?

We got our gats and got the truck
The civvy driver on his pipe he’d suck
We drive from barracks past diesel pump
How do drivers hit every bump?

We get to the ranges (pissing down)
The corporal shouts (as we all drown)
We then line up and at last he comes
The hofficer with his big guns

For inspection port those arms
Once we’re cleared there’ll be no harm
Then we get our bullets given
Unless like me to the butts we’re driven

In the butts we get things sorted
The lance jack whining you’ll be reported
Targets up and hold there men
Down and FASTER he screams again

A shot rings out all on its own
An ND surely (there’s the phone)
Lance jack runs straight out the butts
We all stand round “wow what’s up

It seems like ages then he’s back
The days been stopped come on lads pack
We pack it all away dead quick
And walk back up to a site so sick

An ND fired it’s now no jest
It went right through young Andy’s chest
Killed him outright there and then
The MP’s ask for next of kin

In the barracks we all sit round
Even smiler wears a frown
All the windows blackened card
We lost our mate oh god it’s hard

The lad that did it is in the cell
His day has taken him to hell
The lad he shot was his best mate
Cruel cards are dealt by Mr fate

The day arrives to say goodbyes
We gather round with tears in eyes
The final salute that parting shot
Then off to the NAAFI to drink the lot

A toast is made we cheer his name
We play along the soldiers’ game
We are but pawns who laugh it off
But in our hearts out hats we doff

Goodnight sweet Andy god bless you
We hope your Mum and Dad pull through
we’ll meet you up there soon enough
as we fly out for second gulf

A training tragedy the papers said
We lost a mate poor Andy’s dead
and as we load our bags to war
we hope to evade the Reapers call


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