Never trust a Camel

by | Nov 14, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I slowly sped away
To travel and be free
To feed my dream of ‘ Nomads ‘
Upon the sandy sea

‘ Ships of the desert ‘ I did sail
A right hump they did get
Rode through an ‘ Oasis ‘
Boy, did we get wet !

A surly camel I did meet
One hot and dusty day
It looked just like my Sister
Don’t tell her what I say

With great big eyes, and lips like tyres
Nostrils all a flare
Ears just like a ‘ Boxer’s ‘
With shortish curly hair

It looked at me with ‘ Googly ‘ eyes
A veteran of the sands
I couldn’t show the fright in me
So stroked it with my hands

This seemed to calm the camel down
It snorted with delight
And when I scratched its floppy ear
Its eyes became quite bright !

It snuggled up beside me
Its leg crossed over mine
A funny look upon its face
For me it wants to ‘ Pine ‘

But when it tried to kiss me
From drooling lips, the smell !
The Fetid breath it hit my face
It’s then I ran like hell !

I think it fell in love with me
Intentions mis-construed
but I was having none of it
How could it be so rude ?

What a sight we must’ve made
Me racing, running blind
Followed by this camel
Very close behind !

The moral of this story
When you get wandering feet
Is keep out of the desert
You don’t know who you’ll meet

But if you meet a camel
Still searching in the sands
Just tell him that I’ve left for good
‘ Then stroke him with your hands !!! ‘


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