New Life

by | Jan 6, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

We know that it comes but once a year,
With presents, mince pies and of course a beer.
The happiest times can be the worst,
Like a nagging pain, an unquenchable thirst.

In the past, sometimes a sad time of year,
Friends missing, that glaringly, should have been here,
The guilt it raises its ugly head,
Filling an already, full head.

But this year was different, not the same,
Mind still wandered, but with manageable pain.
Still missing the friend he lost long ago,
But new life brings new hope, itʼs good to know.

Guilt still there but recalls with smiles,
Of those roads, those bergans, those many, many miles.
Smiles at the precious bundle in his hands,
Thinks of his buddy, lost in foreign lands.

I hold her up, for my pal to see,
Knowing he would be smiling, back down at me.
Life moves on, though I know that now,
As I kiss my girl on her furrowed brow.

She sleeps in his arms, as a baby should do,
Gives him time and the space to think things through.
It was never his fault but he felt to blame,
He came home, some did not, he felt the shame.

It a lot easier, now his littlest girl is here,
Those people he misses, grow ever near,
Some things laid to rest, others still are there,
His family are his world, always to take care.


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