New memory for old blokes

by | Sep 1, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

A memory is unveiled today – a reminder and so much more
A plaque to honour we who served – as airmen in a war
All volunteers who heard the call – we answered with our heart
And were sent to serve in Viet Nam – where each one did his part
On foreign soil we lived and toiled – in the air we made our stand
To support the quest for freedom – in a sad and ancient land

We who served recall the times – when sweat was mixed with tears
And regardless of the task at hand – we swallowed our worst fears
To ensure the job we had to do – in the air or on the ground
Was carried out with speed and care – and we revelled in the sound
Of aircraft engines and surging air – underscored with silent pride
In the knowledge that the job was done – all doubts were cast aside

Silently we returned back home – proud of what we’d done
Though soon we came to realise that – our youth had somehow gone
Replaced by hardened minds and hearts – we fought to find a peace
And over time we saw the light – and though they didn’t cease
Nightmares waned and in our lives – that knowledge and our pain
Was relegated to the cargo hold – and the clouds held no more rain

Wallaby, Albatross, Magpie, Bushranger – call-signs of birds of war
Flown and tended, maintained, remembered – by all who ever saw
The red kangaroo and blue roundel – the sign of Australia’s own
Squadrons that excelled in time of war – and rightly became renowned
And we, my friends, we served with pride – during a time that history shows
Was a pivotal point in a time of doubt – and in our hearts that honour flows

Sir Richard Williams in his plane – high up in heaven’s skies
Looks down on us this morning and – in satisfaction, sighs


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