Newly Wed

by | Aug 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

As a Bride she was a pretty girl
Oh! such a lovely sight
With Wedding Dress and train as well
Her body festooned in White
But when it came to time for bed
In “nightie” and long white drawers
Because she knew it only too well
Her Bridegroom perpetually snores
So in order to survive the Honeymoon
Without this couple coming to blows
She decided to end it there and then
And placed a peg on the end of his nose
Which cured the problem right away
For this newly wedded “Girlie”
But in the morning to allay suspicion
Remove the peg and look serene
As a caring Wife with Tea and biscuits
Would be the Bridegroom’s waking scene
Then as she bent to serve his Tea
Planted on his lips a kiss
Unaware of what had happened
Matrimonial Bliss
She now had set a precedent
Thinking her actions were right
But of course she’s have to do the same again
Each and every night
With a smile or maybe a few tears
For all the rest of her Married life
Perhaps another fifty years.


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