Nice one Harry

by | Feb 28, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Young Harry’s quite a chap we’ve heard he even drinks cold beers
and he joined the British army with lads he saw as peers
He did a cracking job as well and loved the whole damned thing
He worked as hard as anyone and (we even hear he sings)

But then he had a problem as he wanted active duty
To serve with all his muckers and then some shooty shooty
Now all were not best pleased with this and some were quite put off
And people even said that he was nothing but a “toff”

Well, time would tell and what a tale it now has been and said
Young Harry was in the thick of it and he isn’t blinkin dead
He worked with all the lads out there, he saved lives every day
By sending baddies presents which sent them on their way

Now like it lots or like it less he proved a thing or two
He showed just what he’s made of and served his comrades true
He did a job of courage serving Queen and Country too
A job our boys and girls have done for years for me and you

His tour of duty over he’s come back home to say
“I did my bit and proud of it”, you can’t take that away!
His Dad is rightly proud of him his brother too they tell
(And take my word on this one, his Mums real proud as well)

Now in this little poem writ for Forces Poetry
I salute a proud young member of the Household Cavalry
He served our proud fine nation as so many others do
I say “Well done to Harry” and all the others too.

God bless our Queen and Country and our serving boys and girls
Who daily do their duty where the sounds of war unfurls
To those who gave their lives for us in every war that’s been
We thank you every one of you and raise glasses to “The Queen”.


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