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Take care of yourself and don’t get sick, make sure that you’re not ill
For if you don’t, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get medicine or pill.
You may not receive the drugs you need, that might help to put you right
It’s down to the whim of bureaucrats who like to think they’re NICE.

It matters not, that you are in need, and that you have paid your dues
For this bunch of heartless philistines have the power to refuse
They care not about the pain you’re in, or your anxious state of mind
The only thing concerning them, is how much money they must find

They will say that the cost is far too much, and the price is way too high.
Oh how they wish the sick and vulnerable, would just go away and die
While charities, with public help, have researched long, to find for us a cure
The work they’ve done is left upon the shelf, so illness we must endure

Who are these people that are playing God? Deciding who shall live
What fools gave them the right to say, what help doctors they might give?
Getting rid of the old and sick and weak, would appear their resolution
The Nazis too, had a similar thought; they called it their final solution.

© Peter Maslak


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