Night Patrol.

by | Aug 6, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Night Patrol once again
In this Foreign War
Thoughts are ever in our heads
What are we fighting for
We came to these far off shores
To eliminate Tyrants and their rule
And create freedom of choice to the population
But we are now held to ridicule
As many think our task illegal
They question why we fight
But we are British Military Men
Not to question what is wrong or right
For when we joined the Service of the Queen
Our allegiance did we proffer
And when called to fight for a Foreign cause
We do the task without excuses to offer
As no-one enjoys the horror and slaughter
We know that conflicts entail
But we know that in order to reach our goal
Commands are followed to the last detail
If we tried to ratify the reason for tasks we are set
How much harder our lives would be
For we are here to carry out our role, and do it well
Without consideration for legality
As that is the task of the Politicians
Which has been the case for evermore
It’s the Soldiers of the Queen who do the fighting
And sadly, it is they who are the casualties of War.


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