Night patrol

by | Apr 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

My turn on stag it’s cold and dark
rain falls soft and chills the bone
mates asleep in bed so warm
distant guns no longer bark

Muddy trench and broken tree
all signs of strife and misery
leaking boots and chilled to ‘bone
chaffing uniform rough and hairy

Rifle loaded,safety’s off
nervous fingers slowly twitching
whats that sound so soft and quiet
friendly voice I am wishing

OK son its the Sergeants whisper
you’ve done your bit and now
time for you to take some sleep
there’s tea and wad awaiting

It wont be long I fear
a’fore the guns start blazing
how I wish the war was o’er
I’m far too tired now to shed a tear

The order comes “Steady lads”
God be with us on this day
the whistle blew its time to go


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