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Long nights spent not knowing,if day will break again,
The fear of the darkness,
The blood the tears the pain,

This is the life chosen, after reading out the pledge,
With honour respect and dignity,
Going well beyond the edge.

One day the care free boy from Birmingham
The next, smashed cars and people,
And babies in a pram.

Growing up with little, having to watch each penny,
To having all the latest kit,
Clothes from few, to many.

A life in green, that was the deal, each step so well laid out,
To complete confusion of combat,
The noise the dust the shouts.

I wouldnt swap it for the world Sarg, was the young mans words,
Now silence can be his greatest friend,
With wind and sun and birds.

It’s night again that scares me, it brings the biggest fears,
The memories turning into dreams,
Still clear after all the years.

Mornings can be a reflief, no more the horror show,
The things he tries not to remember,
No more “contact, go go go”

This is the exit strategy, ive worked so hard to find,
It helps me through my daily life,
And eases my Soldiers mind.


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