No Hiding Place

by | Feb 11, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

When everything is going wrong
Do you sit and contemplate
What has caused this turbulence
To make you so irate
Is it the intolerance
Of others near and far
Unwittingly to upset your life
Without reasons particular
So stand your ground my friend
No need to build a wall
As everything will turn out right
As from their haughty perch they fall
So many times it’s proven
If behind four walls you hide
How can your friends contact you
When you need them by your side
To carry on from day to day
Enjoying life to the full
At times it strains your resources
Where from, the strength, you’ll pull
Energy and understanding
Equilibrium returns to your door
And you can carry on your life
Happy and carefree as before.


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