No life for a Soldier

by | Jul 14, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

He moved between the dark of shadows, no chances would he take
Well aware of the consequence, stay quiet and be furtive for your own sake
They could be waiting round the corner, though you usually heard the noise
An enemy that took pleasure in giving pain, they were just a bunch of boys

Two years he had lived on the street, enough beatings had taught him well
If youths were on the prowl again, stay hidden and lay low for a spell
Hunger made him want to move, there was always the salvation van these nights
The only chance to get to the food, vigilance and cunning and avoid the lights

He thought he had made it over, he never heard them behind on the street
The first he knew something was amiss, they whipped him away of his feet
Only one possibility if he was to survive, don’t move and roll into a ball
The kicks and punches raining down on him, keep quiet and just take it all

With luck someone will pass them, which sometimes scared them away
It was possible if he stayed quiet enough, through boredom they wouldn’t stay
He lost track of time how long had it been, blood and the pain he knew it was bad
Flattening out he tried to shout, trying to move used all the strength he had

Eventually he was discovered by a car passing by, called for an ambulance told them why
He woke up in the hospital he knew the nurse, she asked him to move a little he could only try
She told the doctor about him, “A soldier who lives on the streets just left on his own”
“They kicked him out because he was injured, patched up and discharged, no job or home”

These injuries are serious he has to fight again, the doctor told him how it was
He knew he had been injured before, each time he had fought for a cause
This time he knew he had no fight left, it’s time to go there was no reason to stay
He passed away alone that night, relief on his face as went on his way


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