No Man is an Island

by | Mar 17, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

No Man is an Island
Or Woman so the saying goes
For the path of Life ahead of us
Is something no one knows
For some who’ve given one hundred percent
Sometimes the rewards seem small
And yet to others fortune abounds
Without much effort at all
But after all when the chips are down
And your deal in life seems sour
Your efforts you must now maximise
With every passing hour
As against adversity you strive
To reach that distant aim
The thing that keeps your hopes alive
Amongst your ambitions you can claim
That when travelling Life’s road and the going gets tough
You must fight or you may fail
And become yet another victim to fate
So success in your mind must prevail
But with solid determination and belief in yourself
That you can beat the hidden demons out of sight
Once again the World can become your Oyster
As you champion the cause that you fight.
WxÇÇ|á f{Üâuá{tÄÄ 16th March 2009


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