No Meat Today” (PC has got its way)

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

Sommelier turn’d nose up at first choice
A house ‘Shiraz’ to compliment one’s dish
If left to him then we would have no voice
Twud be no meat on menu, only fish
“Try Riesling” he suggested “Or perhaps,
a Chardonnay to wash down” (should be still)
Tho sparkling would enhance (no thought of schnapps)
Inflating of taste buds, as well as bill
Yet I am but a man with canine teeth
Evolved to hunt and take the lion’s share
Such times as was, withdrawing knife from sheath
Are now reduced to scraps of bloodless fare
This toast I raise for all denied their due
Then once of ‘Brothers Band’…….“We happy few”


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