No More Coffee Blues

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Poetry | 0 comments

I love coffee
Always have

And coffee has loved me back
But lately I have sourced on her
Soured on the whole coffee scene

On the harshness of the morning brew
And the promises it makes

As I sip of its nectar
Drawn into its lair

Drinking drop by drop
As the caffeine takes over

Rewriting my every nerve
Turning me into a slave
For its perverted pleasure

Yes, I love coffee
But I am afraid

Coffee is a harsh mistress
Demanding so much of me

Promising the sun
And delivering the Moon

As I drink her swill
Deeping under her influence

I have the coffee blues
Can’t live with our her
Can’t live with her

I try
But tea does not cut it
Not really

Booze does not do it
At least not in the morning

Yoga is not enough of a buzz
Nor is the runner’s high

And I am afraid deadly afraid of cocaine
And speed and drugs and energy drinks

And so I remain a slave to coffee
My only legal drug

As I sip another and fall under her seductive spread
Once more failing my resolve

To skip coffee for that day
That morning that moment

I shall never be free of her spell
Ever and she knows it

As she beckons me
Every morning with her intoxicating smell


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