No More

by | Dec 9, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

They said; never again would our Son’s suffer
No more living in trenches with mud filled boots,
They are Soldiers of the past
Only to be seen in our history books,
No more fighting in the bowels of the earth
Lying! Dying! In the freezing cold,
Battling in some foreign field
Where our Son’s grow up and grow old.

As time has past have we forgot?
Back on some foreign land our Son’s are now,
They are fighting to survive
The best way they know how,
New is his fight for him to stay free
He’s fighting the terrorist but which one is he?
No bayonet is needed
There’s no enemy to see.

No more bloody havoc advancing forward,
And digging in,
Now with rifle ready he walks the streets
Braved face but trembling within,
On this foreign land
It’s his nerves that are shot,
A target he is, as he patrols and watches
It’s a Soldiers lot.

No more charging forward! Bugles calling
Shouting! Chanting their battle cry,
Now a lone Soldier walks the ally ways
Patrolling! Watching! as his enemies pry,
Our Soldiers are trained
To fight and defend,
In the wars of today
It’s a steady hand and his nerves he depends.

Never again will our Son’s see such carnage
Falling in thousands, on some sodden plains,
Now they are quietly took out one by one
So there’s time to recall all of their names,
Our Son’s now come home tired and tormented
Have we not learned from the past?
There’s so many injured and anger is vented
Those bloody wars, they were never the last


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