No News Today…

by | May 20, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

No news today
No letters on my mat
From my soldier far away
I wonder where he’s at

No news today
No phone call from my son
I know I shouldn’t worry
But it’s natural, I’m his mum

No news today
I’m trying hard now not to cry
I just want to hear his voice
Another day has now passed by

No news today
From my soldier out in hell
I just need to know one thing
That my soldier’s safe and well

No news today
It’s driving me insane
One phone call’s all I need
Then I’ll be calm again

News came today
My soldier’s on the line
He’s sorry he’s not called
He’s been busy all the time

News came today
I’ve heard from him at last
My soldier is ok
My worries have now passed


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