No U-Turns

by | Jul 14, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Call me Dave was fearless
His manifesto plain
He would not stand for nonsense
In Parliament again

On crime he would be stronger
The public he won’t fail
He’d catch up with the villains
And lock them up in jail

And as for all the old folk
“Rely on me to see
Their dignity and healthcare
So paramount will be”

“I’ll stop the greedy fat cats
And tax them to the hilt
I will not change my mind again
You’ll see that I won’t wilt”

“There’ll be no union discord
And strikes for higher pay
Just vote me into power
And let me have my way”

“No change of mind or u-turns
My promises I’ll keep”
Now tell me fellow voters
Don’t we resemble sheep?


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