Not Again

by | Mar 25, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

The soldier stood there laughing joking with his wife
Happy just to be back home with his family and a normal life,
He had missed the warmth and love they gave each and every touch
It felt so good to him to feel the love he had missed so much.
The joking and the needling just like it had always been
He knew this made up for all he had done and all that he had seen,
He never heard the loud bang which put him on the floor
He did not know that it had only been his child slamming a door.
The noise of guns came from behind as he strode towards his foe
The devastation in front him the bodies the cries all things he did not know,
He felt the adrenalin coursing strong running through his veins
He stumbled forward shocked and awed as the cries came caused by pains.
He never felt his body shake never heard himself cry out
He never saw his wife and child never heard them shout,
He felt the shaking and understood he was lying on the floor
He felt the sweat run down his back saw his wife walk out the door.
Confused and dazed he tried to stand he tried to shout her name
But nothing in his body worked and nothing felt the same,
Eventually feeling did return but brought an awful pain
Still shivering as he cried he knew it had happened again.


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