Not all scars can be seen

by | Mar 31, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

There are injuries and pains visible to all,
Breaking an ankle kicking a ball,
Falling, hurting your head
Then being bandaged up, kept in bed

A cut across the arm or hand
Might need a visible plaster band
Or a stitch or two holding it till healed
With a bandage or plaster keeping it sealed

Crutches or sticks to help you along
When seen everyone knows something is wrong
A broken wrist falling from a tree,
But some scars picked up, people cant see

From a childhood trauma, too embarrassing to say
Whether it happened in the night or day
Victimising and bullying in work and school
Which you can’t tell, its your fault you fool

Accidents which you cant avoid or prevent
Which happened to you, or you witnessed the event
Waking you in the night covered in sweat
Lying on a mattress soaking wet

The loss of a beloved pet or a loved one
The world is a sadder place with them gone
Smells and songs bring back their essence
And you would swear you can feel their presence

Day or night scenes of violence and unpleasant death
Come back to you, you watch while holding you breath
Caught in the past unable to pull away from the beast
Then with a blink its gone, for a while at least

All these things leave you with an invisible scar
Pulling you from everyday life like a pool of bubbling tar
Outward signs are there for all to see
If they know what to look for in you and me


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