Not Always

by | Oct 9, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Couldn’t wait to see you hold you
Breathe you in, wrap you in my arms
Loved your eyes, your smile, your kiss
I couldn’t ask for more you were my all
My lover my soul mate my hero my best friend
You were always my darling

You were all I ever wanted all I ever needed
The answer to my prayers my prince charming
Everything you did was so right every touch
Every laugh every promise every I love you
Always believed all of your promises because
You were always my darling

Where are you now the man I see I don’t know
You look the same but something isn’t quite right
From your eyes your shadow staring back at me
All that was is now lost, so much love thrown away
What a shame that love had to leave because
You were not always my darling


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