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We saw them marching off to war,
Like they’ve been watched, many times before,
They are all known, by face and name,
Their fight, is not in vain.

Just like all the times gone by,
They answer, to the battle cry,
They will not stop, freedom to gain,
No, it is not in vain.

Where evil hides, they all stand tall,
Although they know that some shall fall,
And some, will never be the same,
But no, – its not in vain.

Now it’s harder than before,
And even though they know it’s war,
In the past, they knew the enemy,
Now, there are no uniforms to see.

They know that it will take much longer,
So their resolve grows even stronger,
The chosen one’s may pay the price,
And make the ultimate sacrifice,
Their struggles may bring death and pain,
But for peace,
It will never be,
In vain.


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