November 12th

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

Was it only yesterday the dust filled rays of Autumn sunlight streamed through this coloured glass?
Women and children in subdued Sunday best. Men in dark suits or pressed serge. All united with a splash of bright red. Protected by road blocks, armed guards and sniffer dogs, they filled these walls and the lanes outside.

Today there is only dull drizzle on the coloured glass, and my footsteps, echoing loudly within these cold stone walls.
I walk into the empty lane. The echoing footsteps now muffled by soft, damp leaves beneath my feet.

As I am walking past the chestnut trees that line this lane, the rain gets heavier. I watch a leaf as it falls, and lands.
Amongst the leaves, a splash of red.
A reminder of yesterday.

Lest we forget


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