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I’m sitting in my favourite place I close my eyes and remember!

It’s wartime in England 1940, your face in my mind is in the blush of youth,
We’re together again our essence intermingles, we’re in freefall!
There’s no future only now, laughing and crying we make love!
Wartime – snatched moments of love,
“My darling I will wait for you,” I say.
Tomorrow you’ll return to the front, we lie together until twilight comes.

I’m sitting next to the old gnarled oak tree, we carved our initials on its bark remember?
The atmosphere of the woods soaks into my spirit, I’m at peace!
A cracking twig breaks the silence,
There’s a fluttering of wings as a flash of white soars into the sky,
The pain in my heart is unbearable!
Sitting on and on daylight fades into night and silence envelopes me like a blanket,
I remain here transfixed in the darkness wishing for you longing for your voice!

I must be dreaming, you’re here in my arms again!
I want to get inside you climb into your body feel what your feeling see out of your eyes become a part of you!
“My darling we’re dissolving into the atmosphere” you say,
As we look into each other’s eyes our beginning becomes the end!


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