Nurses Don’t Cry

by | Aug 31, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

There’s something in our code
That says we must be strong.
The experts say we don’t feel.
The experts would be wrong.

Nurses handle anything.
Nurses never fear.
Nurses keep emotions buttoned,
And never shed a tear.

We’re bathed in daily suffering,
Every scream and every moan.
Nurses hearts aren’t empty,
Or cold as marble stone.

Nurses must keep distance from their patients;
Brains and feelings kept apart.
How could we live through our daily Hell,
And not have a broken heart?

Of course our hearts are broken
By the patients that we tend.
And every time we allow the tears,
We fear they’ll never end.

Nurses are invisible.
We’re lonely to the bone.
And when we find the time to cry,
We cry our tears alone.

©Copyright 1968 Penny L. Rock


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